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The Sinister Affects of Statin Drugs
By Dr. Mark R. Rubin PhD.
It is known that statins deplete your body’s natural levels of CoQ10, which is dangerous. CoQ10 increases cellular energy throughout your body and fights fatigue. In addition, CoQ10 helps to reduce muscle pain and weakness, which are the reported side effects of cholesterol-lowering drugs.
Your heart is fueled by CoQ10, which also provides protection for your entire cardiovascular system. When your heart has the levels of CoQ10 it needs, you should feel fine, however your body will suffer if your heart is struggling to do its job.
Suboptimal heart function can result in fatigue, pain and decreases in mental functions. So, if you have these problems that seemingly won’t go away, CoQ10 may be the natural solution you’ve been looking for.
It is know that our body’s ability to produce CoQ10 decline with age. Fortunately, you can replenish these levels by taking supplements of CoQ10. While we all can benefit from taking CoQ10 supplements, it is especially important for people with cardiovascular concerns, and for those who take cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, which further deplete your body’s CoQ10.
While CoQ10 comes in tablets and capsules, the best form to take CoQ10 for maximum absorption is a gel cap, which contains the CoQ10 mixed with a little oil.
There are two forms of CoQ10: ubiquinone (commonly sold as CoQ10) and ubiquinol (commonly sold as Ubiquinol). Almost all the CoQ10 that naturally exists in your body is ubiquinol. So, if you take a supplement containing the ubiquinol form, your body can use it right away. Conversely, if you take ubiquinone, your body will need to convert it to ubiquinol, and the conversion may not be as efficient. That is why ubiquinol is the best choice.
Generally, most people benefit from taking 100–200 mg of CoQ10 daily. But your health care practitioner may change this dose if conditions warrant. Consult with your health care provider before taking CoQ10. We recommend Healthy Origins products, which are developed with their own custom formulations and are manufactured in the USA, with strict compliance to the FDA mandated GMP guidelines. The product labels disclose all ingredients used and there are no hidden fillers, binders or coatings that could diminish the integrity of the products.